Who We Are

Jake and Nicci Hamilton: We are your average couple, just different. We have been married since August 2002 and had our first child Geneva Justice in April 2004; her two brothers Ezra in 2006 and Judah in 2008 soon followed. Our little family has faced what many others have faced in their own ways, adversity, rejection, disappointment, and loss. But we have not given up and we are stronger than ever because we have each other. Our little family has been involved with the Church both locally and globally for over 15 years and have seen every aspect of the church community from the good and the bad, the big and the small, to the weird and the wonderful. Our passion is to see people come fully alive no matter their circumstances or their situations, no one is too far from hope that their lives cant be redeemed and restored. Our current project, OneFlesh, is focused on bringing that same hope into the home and helping families find healthy rhythms in life that can bring joy and peace into their journey.


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What To Expect

OneFlesh has two main components, the website and our OneNight gatherings around the globe. The OneFlesh website will consist of stories, conversations, and resources while our OneNight gatherings will be about impartation and slowing down to reflect on our relationships. Each week we will be posting one-half of a marriage story and open up a discussion about different aspects of marriage, family, and parenting. Each week will come with new insights and perspectives from a personal story. We are not trying to give you new theological insights on marriage and family although that may happen. We are giving you real life and real experiences. These are real people who are really trying to walk out family to the best of their abilities and have given us the privilege to hear about their journey. Marriages and families, like people, are all unique and beautiful. What worked for me may not work for you but what worked for me may inspire you and give you new ideas about what you could do differently or even affirm the things you are doing now.

Why We Are Doing This

The oversimplified goal of OneFlesh is to share the stories of different families from different backgrounds and from those stories create a tidal wave of hope that will flood into families across the Body of Christ. Why? Because we believe family is the model of the Kingdom from Genesis to Revelation and therefore displays the nature and characteristics of God in ways nothing else can on earth. Jesus is the husband of the corporate bride of Christ and He is asking us to model that same union everyday with every choice in our homes to share with the world the kind of love He has for us. By modeling this love in little ways each day we show the world that Jesus is who He says He is because without Him this type of sacrificial, unconditional love would be impossible. I promise that if we are truly encountering Jesus our lives and the way we love others, starting with those in our homes, will be transformed. This is not an overnight process, we must commit ourselves to covenant and fight for our families above all else.