Each week we will be posting one-half of a marriage story and open up a discussion about different aspects of marriage, family, and parenting. Each week will come with new insights and perspectives from a personal story. We are not trying to give you new theological insights on marriage and family although that may happen. We are giving you real life and real experiences. These are real people who are really trying to walk out family to the best of their abilities and have given us the privilege to hear about their journey. Marriages and families, like people, are all unique and beautiful. What worked for me may not work for you but what worked for me may inspire you and give you new ideas about what you could do differently or even affirm the things you are doing now.

ONE FLESH • The Engles

ONE FLESH • The Bakers

ONE FLESH • The Hamiltons (part 1)

ONE FLESH • The Perrys

ONE FLESH • The Bolz

ONE FLESH • The Hamiltons (part 2)